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Stronger, Balanced Body, Better Life.

Balance is the most important thing in having an enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling life. Health and fitness should be a high priority for every person to a keep a balance. Not only for yourself but for family, friends and partners too. 

At Core Sports we have a big emphasis on training effectively and correctly. Too many times we hear of people starting out or getting back into fitness, only to find they become injured because of muscle imbalances, reoccurring injuries which stopped them in the first place, and training incorrectly or outside their current ability.

Our ultimate goal is to recognise strengths and weaknesses that exist in all members and all fitness levels, and adapt the training stimulus to suit. It’s undeniable that if you have a stronger, balanced body you will be able to train efficiently, effectively and consistently achieving better results in fitness, fat loss and everything in between.

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  • "I started Boot Camp 6 weeks ago now and have never felt better and stronger. I was introduced by a friend and we still go together 4 times a week. The group motivation is awes..."
    Teresa Starkey
    Another Happy Bootcamper
  • "I began boot camps with Crawf in February 2012 as part of a joint fitness challenge with team members from the Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel in Cairns. To exercise in a fun..."
    Brooke Vinter
    Human Resources Coordinator, Hilton Cairns